• Frosty Crimson Ceramic Earrings (Clips) - handcrafted by Veseto.Ceramics
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Frosty Crimson Ceramic Earrings (Clips)

Ceramic Earrings (Clips)

Handmade with care from extra black natural clay and decorated with high-quality white and crimson-coloured ceramic glazes, these natural ceramic earrings effortlessly blend sophistication with a touch of nature. The clips are from hypoallergenic gold-plated stainless steel, ensuring durability and comfort. Perfect for daily wear or special occasions, these earrings effortlessly enhance your wardrobe with their elegant design and quality craftsmanship.

Each piece of Veseto Ceramic jewellery is meticulously nestled in a luxurious black box, adding elegance to your cherished treasures. Your order can also be sent as a ready-to-gift package for your loved ones, elevating the joy of giving with these elegantly and meticulously crafted pieces.

All crafted pieces are hand-painted, allowing for slight variations and enhancing their uniqueness.

Great idea for a gift!

Approx. 30 mm x 2 mm
~ 12 g
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in 1-2 working days
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